Entertainment Design / Concept Design


The final goal of concept design is to confirm the aesthetic style of a game or a movie, and to provide a basis for the rest of the production process. The artist needs to be able to adhere to the requirements of the game according to the overall plan and to clearly and efficiently express their design ideas. This type of concept design tends to not get stuck over the details and instead puts more emphasis on the bigger picture, such as the atmosphere or world views of the game. Gaming concept design jobs usually requires large amounts of research and revision processes until the entire production team is satisfied with the product. What is produced by the end forms the aesthetic aspect of the game. This job requires the concept designer to have an abundant work and life experience.


Concept design is a relatively new industry that branches from illustration. As such, it also has very high requirements for art skills. Many graduates work in video game companies and help design backgrounds, characters, transportation vehicles and so on. In the more recent years, many more people are getting to know about concept design. One of the many reasons why is that it has a high employment rate after graduation. At the moment, there are not many outstanding concept designers in the industry but there is a high demand for them. As long as there are new games and movies being made, there will always be a need for concept designers.


Recommended Schools

Art Center: Entertainment Concept Design


Ringling College of Art and Design


School of Visual Arts


Gnoman Workshop: Concept Deploma


Art Institute of Vancouver