Course Description​

In Term 6, NPC provides opportunities for students to learn by doing in real-world practicums.  Seek your own host organization or be partnered with one of NPC’s hosts from the design, advertising, gaming, animation, and/or film industries.  In your practicum you will apply theory to practice, develop a meaningful view of the working world, and cultivate an awareness of your capacity as an industry professional.   

Through the practicum, students will gain a realistic understanding of the job market and develop relevant employment skills before graduation. They will enhance their understanding of the course material, obtain experience in the practical aspects of their field, and make valuable contacts for future employment.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  1. Adapts to employer direction.

  2. Meets deadlines.

  3. Works required hours.

  4. Demonstrates strong interpersonal and communication skills.

  5. Develops an awareness of workplace culture and professional practices.  

  6. Add value to team scenarios, if applicable.

  7. Provide regular progress updates.

  8. Prioritizes, problem solves and multi-tasks to complete a project.

  9. Self-identifies limitations.

  10. Respects diversity/demonstrate sensitivity towards persons of different backgrounds, genders, religions, etc.

  11. Adapt their design and research processes/skills to meet production timelines.  their design skills.

Course Duration

200 Hours