Game Design

Game design refers to the pre-production process where the main theme and rules are determined, as well as the computer and video games production process where the gameplay, the surroundings and backgrounds, the plot, and the characters are designed. Game designers are very much similar to movie producers. Designers visualise the game and supervise over the development of the art and technical aspects of the game, making sure that they satisfy their original vision of the game. Other than art and technical skills, game design also requires a foundation in literature studies.


Game designers specialise in game design jobs. They are the designers of gameplay, the ones who conceptualise and design the game system as well as the rules. In China, game design is also known as game planning. In the development team for computer and video games, they are in charge of planning, designing, and even producing. They are the core members of the game development team. They are mainly responsible for the layout of the video game, the overview, and the gameplay. These jobs usually include writing the background story of the game, setting down the rules, the design of the game map, the interactive environments, determining the specifications, and devising the formula of the game. It also includes entering and adjusting numerical values, game balance, and all the details of the game world. A game designer works for the game developers, while the game developers may, at the same time, work with the publishers of the game.

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