Graphic Design


Graphic design, also known as visual communication design, utilises “visual perception” as a method of communication and expression. Through various methods to create and combine symbols, images, and text, it strives to present a visual display that can be used to communicate ideas and messages. Graphic designers might use the typeface, visual art, the layout, computer software, as well as other professional techniques, to create the desired effect. Graphic design can refer to the process of the design as well as the final product.


Some of the most common uses for graphic design include the logos for different products and brands, publications for magazines, newspaper, and books, print advertising, posters, billboards, graphical elements on websites, and product packaging. For example, the packaging of a product may include the logo or other artistic elements, typesetting and purely design elements, such as images with a similar style, the shape, the size, and the colour. Combination is one of the most important and unique aspects of graphic design, especially when the product uses pre-existing material or the combination of several elements.

Recommended Schools

Art Center

Parsons The New School

School of Visual Arts

Rhode Island School of Design


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