Industrial Design

Industrial design, or industrial product design, can be separated into product design, environmental design, communication design, and design management. This includes model-based design, mechanical design, circuit design, fashion design, environmental planning, interior design, architecture design, UI design, graphic design, package design, advertising design, animation design, exhibit design, web design, and many more. Industrial design may also involve psychology, sociology, aesthetics, ergonomics, mechanical structures, film, colour psychology and so on. The industrial design brought about by the development of the industry and the division of labour is very much different from other art, production activities or industrial arts. It is a combined product of several academic disciplines, technical skills, and aesthetics.


Design is pure in nature, a purity that comes from the designer’s will to pursue a better life, which in turn is expressed through their skills and the final product. Industrial design is not simply a business activity with a certain trade in mind, it is a type of culture that needs to be spread.

Recommended Schools

Art Center

Carnegie Mellon University

Rhode Island School of Design

California College of the Arts

Pratt Institute