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At NPC, we are not only guiding our students for successful enrollments into universities but also helping them to become fully prepared to the intensive coursework and quick-paced university life that is to come, to survive in a highly competitive world. Every year during the busy season of college and university applications, admission officers from top art and design institutes come to NPC and give portfolio reviews, saving students the time of having to wait in big line-ups at portfolio fairs. To help students be their best for applications, we focus on:


















At, NPC, we provide students with a platform to communicate with senior artists and designers, to share and discuss about their dreams, and to be clear on their choices to make sure they are on the right path to success.

Portfolio Development and Training

VIP Customized Art & Design Courses

One-on-one Art & Design Training in Group Courses

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What is an Art Portfolio?

An art portfolio is a collection of your best works which may contain sample paintings, 3D sculptures, printmaking, graphic design, textiles or other visual art forms. Curate your best artwork and showcase your ideas, artistic skills, creativity, and experiences all at once.


The best post-secondary art and design programs in North America and Europe review art portfolios in their admissions process. A strong art portfolio will demonstrate your level of creativity and  technical skill. Your portfolio will help the program department you are applying to understand your artistic potential.  At NPC, we will help you hone your creative and technical skills so that you are able to prepare the best possible portfolio.

Art Portfolio Development

Spark your inner potential and create your own unique works of art. Everyone has their own endless well of creativity but most have yet to discover their true talents and dig deep enough to develop their potential. NPC’s After School Program will bring you  to a whole new world where you can fully experience the satisfaction  of creative growth as an artist and designer.

At NPC, we help our students develop a mature portfolio so that they have the best possible opportunity to be successful in their applications to leading post-secondary art & design programs.  NPC instructors will assess your capabilities and tailor the curriculum to support the growth and development that is consistent with your post-secondary aspirations.

In preparing your portfolio, you will have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of techniques, exchange creative ideas with your instructors and peers, and cultivate a mature/professional portfolio upon by the end of the program.

Customized Courses

There is a large difference between a post-secondary course and a high school course. At NPC, we will help you prepare for your ideal post-secondary art and design program and we also help you acclimate to the intense pace of university. NPC’s program will provide you with a dynamic artistic atmosphere and environment. You will have the opportunity to work independently, in peer groups, and leverage the knowledge and expertise of our instructors who are practicing industry professionals. By the end of your program, you will be able to express ideas visually and conceptually through presentations and critiques.

Art & Design Programs

NPC provides leading art and design courses in the following areas: 3D animation, game design, entertainment design, concept design, industrial design, architectural design, fashion design, interior design, illustration, jewelry design, graphic design, and photography. Different disciplines have different requirements and foci. Our curriculum is customizable  and will enable you to hone in on specific areas of interest,  develop solid foundation skills, broaden your knowledge and creative potential. NPC guides students to develop the qualities of an outstanding designer.

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