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Character Design 3

Course Description​

Utilizing the design process and the skills that you learned in Character Design 2, in this course you design advanced human and animal characters on paper, in Photoshop, Maya, and Z-Brush. In this course you will create your designs in service to your own script.  You will participate in group critiques as well as pitch your design concepts.  By the end of this course you will become more confident in your character design process and create a fully finished/professional character package.  


Environment Design 3

Course Description​

Build an environment based on a story that you have authored.  In this course you will write your own script and design an advanced environmental design package in Photoshop, Maya, and Sketchup.  By the end of this course you be ready to tackle your senior entertainment project.  


Prop / Vehicle Design 3

Course Description​

In this course you will develop a fully finished, industry-level prop package using your drawing, photoshop and 3D skill sets. Working from a script provided by your instructor, you will develop prop assets in service to story from a game or film.  By the end of this course you be better prepared to tackle major portfolio projects and will have an enhanced appreciation for the nuances of strong prop design.   


Advanced 3D Modelling

Course Description​

Gain fluency in Maya, and develop more advanced models, and be able to fully render textured and illuminated scenes using Vray and Keyshot. Guided by your industry professional instructor you will become proficient in the 3D design pipeline.  You will render out models from Maya, bring them into Photoshop, and then augment your designs with detailed textures and lighting elements. In this course you will also be introduced to Z-Brush and Substance Painter and their vast capabilities as a design tool.  By the end of this course you will be more prepared for the 3D demands of your senior project.


Entertainment Design 

Course Description​

Building upon  Visual Communication 3, in this course you will augment and enhance your design process by incorporating professional quality 3D assets in the development of a major entertainment design package. Working again from your own script you will create additional objects, characters, and environmental breakdowns to develop a pro package.  Enhance your interpretation of the story to highlight specific details in the narrative.  You will create compelling designs that focus the audience attention on key story elements. Your final output will be polished and fully rendered using a range of techniques such as Maya, Z-Brush, Substance Painter, Keyshot, and V-Ray rendering software.  This course and project will provide you with an opportunity to prepare for your senior project.


Clay Modelling

Course Description​

Have you ever wanted to model an action figure from your favorite movie or game, but were not sure where to start? TExplore the techniques, principles and acquire the skills needed to create your own original sculptures. Working from your own concept designs you will build armatures, learn additive and subtractive sculpting approaches, create details, textures, and improve the form of your sculpture in the round.  By the end of this course you will have a fully finished professional maquette that you can add to your design portfolio. 


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