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Advanced Figure & Anatomy Drawing

Course Description​
Building on Figure & Anatomy Drawing 1, you will further develop your understanding and skill representing human and animal forms and their anatomical features. Level: You will explore more complex action-poses and character development from model poses. Connect to Future Study and Industry: By the end of this course, you will be able to further enhance your skills/approaches for blocking out animal and human characters on paper and in Photoshop. You will produce studies focusing on quality of line work, weight, proportion, and use of color.

Interview/Portfolio Preparation

Course Description​
For emerging concept designers, a strong portfolio is key to professional opportunities and employment. In a world that relies increasingly on digital formats, a portfolio works to represent both the designer and the person, which is why it is important to make the best impression possible.
This course emphasizes both portfolio production and assembly in studio as well as classroom tutorials outlining important industry standards for communicating effectively with prospective employers, and the public. This includes learning how to craft compelling artist statements, a resume and bio, a cover letter, making their own website.
Students will have the opportunity to create new designs in-studio and prepare themselves for work in the competitive entertainment industry. Students will also experience portfolio development as a process of continuous enhancement of self-awareness, learning and development.

Production Design

Course Description​
Building upon Viscom 3, in this course you will undertake a design senior project that you will use to showcase to present to your peers, and to use for career/job search. Working again from your own script you will create additional objects, characters, and environmental breakdowns to produce a pro package. Enhance your interpretation of the story to highlight specific details in the narrative. You will fully complete compelling designs that focus the audience attention on key story elements. Your final output will be polished and fully rendered using a range of techniques such as Blender, Z-Brush, Substance Painter. This course and project will provide you with an opportunity to prepare for your senior project.

Studio Practice

Course Description​
Studio Practice is a vital course for students to work on and to complete their Senior Project and portfolio. It represents the synthesis of the previous studios/course work in the Entertainment Concept Design program curriculum. This is the stage at which students are expected to work on their Senior Projects independently as well as support their peers. Success in this course will require students to apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities that they have acquired previous course work.

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