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Computer Animation

Course Description​
Students will apply the animation principles learned from Traditional Animation  into their 3D animation assignments. The course will introduce basic rigging,  body mechanics and how to animate simple objects and characters in a  believable and appealing manner.


Course Description​
In this course, students will learn the basics of creating  

storyboarding/animatics for their story/production. That includes how to  execute the right camera works, lighting, composition, and continuity by  drawing out keys, and breakdowns.

Advanced Figure & Anatomy Drawing 

Course Description​

Hook: Building on Figure & Anatomy Drawing 1, you will further develop your understanding and skill representing human and animal forms and their anatomical features. Level: You will explore more complex action-poses and character development from model poses. Connect to Future Study and Industry: By the end of this course you will be able to further enhance your skills/approaches for blocking out animal and human characters on paper and in Photoshop.  You will produce studies focusing on quality of line work, weight, proportion, and use of colour.     

Intro to Effects

Course Description​
The students will learn the fundamentals of Visual Effects starting from basic  composting and re-lighting in Nuke and Adobe After Effects. The purpose of  this course is to train students through editing, composting and VFX, creating  special effects elements into their rendered shots. 

Visual Development 2

Course Description​
Students in this course will further enhance their skill and practice with the  fundamentals of composition, lighting, and design. Level: Working from an  intermediate-level design brief you will design characters, environments,  vehicles, and/or props. You will aim to create industry-level designs that  communicate a story to the viewer. Skills + Techniques: Through the proper  use of composition, lighting, and mood you will direct the viewer’s attention  to story elements. Connect to future coursework and/or industry: This  course and project will provide you with an opportunity to enhance your  storytelling skills for future and major projects.  

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