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Effects 2

Course Description​
Continuing from Intro to Effects, this course will focus on creating more  complex special effects for student’s animation/ shots. Once the effects are  created students will also learn how to composite everything together using  nuke in the most efficient way possible. Lastly, students will complete their  comps with sound effects.

Visual Development 3

Course Description​
Produce a fully finished, professional quality design package from a script that  you will author. Working from your own script design you will design  characters, environments, vehicles, and/or props. You will aim to zero in on  specific details in your narrative and create compelling designs that focus the  audience's attention on key story elements. Your final output will be polished  and fully rendered using a range of techniques such as Maya, Z-Brush,  Keyshots, and V-Ray rendering software. This course and project will provide  you with an opportunity to prepare for future coursework and the  development of finished portfolio work.  

Storyboarding 2

Course Description​
In this course, students will be creating two short animatics that will be used  for their thesis for term 5. Students will use every technique they learned so  far including writing, planning, Cinematography, composition, continuity,  storytelling.  

Computer Animation 2

Course Description​
Continue from Computer Animation 1. Students will be modeling  rigging/animate complete characters from their Visual development class.  Animation includes walk/run cycles, push/pull, expressions, and short acting  sequences based on references.

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